Sunday School

Below is a brief description of our Sunday School classes for our adults. All are welcoming of new members. Feel free to join a class for a Sunday or a season. Find the class that fills you spiritually and challenges you to live out your faith outside of the church walls. If you have any questions or want more information about our class offerings please contact our Director of Christian Education, Russ Pearson, at the church.

Fellowship Bible Class
Room 102
The Discovery & The Fellowship Bible classes, which were combined in 2019.  This class has a long history of learning the Bible together and lifting up each other in prayer.

The Fellowship Bible Class has just begun a 6-week study on the book of Ruth by Dr. Sandy Richter – a humorous, extremely knowledgeable Old Testament teacher. While Ruth consists of only 4 chapters, it is the compelling story of a foreigner/outsider (Ruth, the Moabite) and a wealthy Jewish insider (Boaz), and the integrity and self-sacrificing commitments they make. The setting is in the day of the Judges, before Israel gets their first king, when corruption and sin were rampant. Yet in the midst of this awful world, there arises hope through the birth of a son to Ruth and Boaz – one who will be part of the lineage of The Messiah, Jesus. Each week we will watch a video, which is followed by a discussion and prayer. Please joins us at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays in room 102. You are always welcome.

Friends in Faith
Rooms 103-104
The Friends in Faith class is for those interested in building a closer relationship to God in community with each other. Typically, they use the curriculum from the PCUSA called “Being Reformed”. These are 6–8-week series based around a particular topic. In between studies the class discusses articles from the “Presbyterian’s Today” magazine.

The Friends in Faith Sunday School Class will begin a new 6-week series on February 5 entitled “The Spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” The sessions look at the life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, an important 20th century theologian and martyr who was involved in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler and was hanged before the end of World War II. Each session (6-8 pages) is a stand-alone discussion so do not worry if you have to miss a Sunday. Books may be picked up in room #103.

Breakfast Club and SALT Classes Meet Together
Room 201 – Upstairs from the Sanctuary. Make a left at the elevator and it the class is the first on the right.
In the words of Donald Miller, “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” We are a group that is admittedly, unabashedly flawed. We enjoy getting together for open and relaxed discussions about balancing our hectic lives with our spiritual needs. With travel and other commitments, no one has perfect attendance, but we look forward to gathering each week and discussing ways to keep God at the center of our lives and families. We are mostly couples with younger children, but anyone is more than welcome to join us. This season we will continue to have sermon discussions led by some of our members and pastors.

This class talks about current issues and how they relate to the Bible, different theology topics, and occasionally uses the lectionary for their Bible discussion.

SALT (Sharing and Learning Together)
We are a small group of parents with young children and young adults who are committed to participating in intellectual group dialog and bible study. We enjoy learning about the bible and how it applies to tough, current issues and our lives today in a practical way. We are also open to, accepting of and enjoy learning about each other’s varied viewpoints. We strive to find ways to love and lift up the community around us through study and action. We devote time to connecting with each other in a meaningful way and are supportive of each other as we work through being parents, Christians, and just people in today’s world.

New Horizons
Room 202 Upstairs. Make a left at the elevator and the class is the second on the right.
This class is the evolution of our First Ladies Class. Their intent is to explore Christ’s message and how it applies to our daily life and present-day world. 

The New Horizons class has two studies planned for Winter and Spring. Starting January 29 the class will study the book of James through the lens of Union Presbyterian seminary professor Frances Taylor Gench, who notes that “The letter of James is one of the more useful and practical books in the New Testament.” Books are not required for this class but bible passages will be assigned each week. If you are interested, reach out to Sarah Barbour ( or Margaret Callcott ( to get on the email list.

On March 19 (or thereabouts) we will begin a study of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si: On Care for our Common Home, published in 2015. In his second encyclical, Pope Francis draws all Christians into a dialog with every person on our planet about our common home. The class will use a study guide prepared by Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. Books will be ordered for this series so let Margaret or Sarah know if you would like one.