Sunday School

During the Covid-19 pandemic if you would like to be connected to an online Sunday School class please contact Russ at

Below is a brief description of our Sunday School classes for our adults. All are welcoming of new members. Feel free to join a class for a Sunday or a season. Find the class that fills you spiritually and challenges you to live out your faith outside of the church walls. If you have any questions or want more information about our class offerings please contact our Director of Discipleship, Russ Pearson, at the church.

Fellowship Bible Class
Room F102 – in the Fellowship Center
The Discovery Class and Chapel Fellowship class have combined to form a new class: The Fellowship Bible Class. They meet in the Fellowship Center classrooms and are studying a curriculum called “Epic of Eden”. This is a great class studying a very interesting topic. They share prayer concerns, sing a song or two, and have a deep Bible-based study led by one of their teachers. If you are looking for a welcoming group that is Bible study-centered consider joining them on Sunday mornings.

Friends in Faith
Room 103 – 1st floor near the Childcare Center
The Friends in Faith class is a group of adults interested in building a closer relationship to God through study of scripture, development of a rich prayer life, and nurturing each other in the faith. Class discussions are lively and thought provoking. Members are encouraged to share prayer concerns and pray together. The current age range of the class is fairly broad (Forty-somethings and up), but all are welcome. Some have middle school students, others college kids, and some are even grandparents! They usually study from the Being Reformed Series from the PCUSA and this Fall will study about Church History and Grace and Gratitude.

First Ladies Class
Room 101 – 1st floor, to the left of the coffee in the foyer, at main entrance near parking lot
Made up of women of every generation within our church, the First Ladies Class enjoys Bible studies and some topical studies. Discussion, sharing and prayer are an important part of this class. This season they will study from the Present Word curriculum from the PCUSA. If you want a group of close knit of welcoming women to be part of look no further.

Koinonia Class
Room 102 – 1st floor, to the left of the coffee in the foyer, at main entrance near parking lot
The Koinonia class addresses a wide range of Christian thinking as it applies to modern life. The goal is to eventually study all the books of the Bible. Open discussion and appreciation of all opinions and points of view are hallmarks of this unique class. This is a small group who enjoy getting together and talking about life’s issues as they relate to scripture. They love having a diverse group so if you are looking for a smaller group that enjoys rich discussion then look no further.

Chapel Fellowship Class
Room F102 – in the Fellowship Center
Chapel Fellowship begins each class with the singing of a few of the Old Time hymns, announcements, prayer concerns and missionary updates. Then the class studies the Bible using “The Present Word” curriculum. Wonderful class discussions make this a place to learn and grow in your relationship with the Lord and other believers. Adults of any age are welcome.

Breakfast Club
Room 207 – 2nd floor, next to the pre-school Sunday school class and nursery
In the words of Donald Miller, “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.” We are a group that is admittedly, unabashedly flawed. We enjoy getting together for open and relaxed discussions about balancing our hectic lives with our spiritual needs. With travel and other commitments, no one has perfect attendance, but we look forward to gathering each week and discussing ways to keep God at the center of our lives and families. We are mostly couples with younger children, but anyone is more than welcome to join us. This season we will continue to have sermon discussions led by some of our members and pastors.

SALT (Sharing and Learning Together)
Room 202 Upstairs from the Sanctuary. Make a left at the elevator and the class is the second on the right.
We are a small group of parents with young children and young adults who are committed to participating in intellectual group dialog and bible study. We enjoy learning about the bible and how it applies to tough, current issues and our lives today in a practical way. We are also open to, accepting of and enjoy learning about each other’s varied viewpoints. We strive to find ways to love and lift up the community around us through study and action. We devote time to connecting with each other in a meaningful way and are supportive of each other as we work through being parents, Christians, and just people in today’s world. We are currently working through a “Being Reformed” study on Creation and after that plan to start an Adam Hamilton study on Moses.